web extension reward programs


The user gets a % of their friends' mining activities. Even if you're not online and anyone you refer is, you still get the % from them. Your % doesn't affect theirs at all whatsoever. It's the same thing as using Google you're just getting paid for it.


Refer 2 friends for $10 in Honey Gold, redeemable for gift cards at the most popular stores. Whenever a friend you refer earns Gold on their first purchase, you'll see a "referral" transaction pending in your account! When your friend's Gold posts to their account (usually after 60 days) then your referral will post as well, and you'll have 500 Gold from Honey as a “Thank You”!

Surfe.be dupe

install the extension and surf the web ( visit pages , watch videos and banners ) and get money


Order a non-technical product without a voucher and get a cashback of 2%! Important information: Please note: Premiums are only paid on net amounts and for orders and deliveries in Austria. Partial and full returns are not reimbursed.

AdBlock Pro

By using a referral link or referral code you can unlock one new feature in the app.


Get 15% from your partners' advertising spend and 25% from their earnings! There is no sign up bonus for new users, but when an existing user refers to the site then the above mentioned reward kicks into play. It's a great site for generating more social media followers and traffic.


Invite your friends to join Windscribe, you'll get 1 GB of data every month for every user you refer. Your friend will also get the same amount of bonus traffic every month. If anyone signs up to a Pro account, you'll also get the same Pro account, for free.

Peach cUBI

Peaches are distributed based on a distribution rate (usually it's 1 peach = ~1 minute). For every referral, the rate increases by 1%