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When you refer someone or are referred by someone, both parties will receive 50 additional points once the new user completes their fifth survey.


Each time you refer a friend, they get a bonus of $0.20 cents upon sign-up and so do you

Google Opinion Rewards

Our members haven't found much information on Google Survey's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Google Survey for other members benefit.


Both referring and referred user get 40 coins to use in the wallet rewards store!


Good friends are hard to come by! So, when you introduce a new pal, Pureprofile can reward you with up to $20 for each eligible new member you bring. How’s that for mates rates? There’s no delay, you can start earning today! Here’s how it works: You will be paid $2 for every friend you bring to Pureprofile, after they have registered with a verified email address and completed 2 paid surveys (this can include the Welcome survey). For every additional paid survey your friend completes you will get another $1. This applies to a maximum of 18 surveys and ends once your friend has been a member for 3 months. (Here’s the small print: The rewards do not apply on screen-outs, quota fails or if the survey is not completed for any reason.) What’s the best bit? You can bring as many buddies as you want! More friends means more cash - so start spreading the Pureprofile word!

Social Nature

If you sign up using a referral link, you get a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Slice The Pie

Our members haven't found much information on Slice the Pie's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Slice the Pie offers for other members benefit.


The current referral program offers a reward of $1 to the referrer for each friend who successfully registers for the App and submits a Video Response that meets the Voxpopme approval criteria. The reward is credited to the referrer’s Account upon approval of the friend’s first Video Response.

The Panel Station

Earn 500 points when your friend completed the first survey and your friend earns 500 points upon registering with your referral code. Invite up to 5 friends per month.

Epoll Survey

You get 1,000 points for every friend who signs up using your custom link. Login to your E-Poll account and copy your custom referral link from your home page.