project reward programs


1 active referral = 1 point 100 referral clicks = 2 points 1 offer done by referral (>1000 Satoshi) = 5 points 10000 Satoshi referral ads spending = 5 points


The platforms Forsage x4, Forsage xGold are designed in such a way that all participants in the system help each other. Passive income is possible, it depends on the activity of partners who can get into your sites through overflows or overtaking. You can receive spillovers from upstream or downstream partners, but your income will depend on their activity. To provide yourself with passive income in the future, you need to make certain efforts - to attract new partners and open new platforms in x3, x4 and xGold. By inviting even one very active person to your team, you can already earn money and achieve your goals. How quickly this happens is up to you.


Invite friends to join Rhove, when they sign up you'll both get $5. Keep sharing and earn up to $500!


Save up to $1000 per month by working with an apprentice. Access to the tools and marketplace is only a small $49 monthly fee.

Go fund me

Our members haven't found much information on GoFundMe's current referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify GoFundMe offers for other members' benefit.


You sign up and you get 500 hydra crypto after signing up and confirming your email address. And you receive 380 daily hydra for having and maintaining in account. The current price is $.50 per hydra, but they are projected to increase.


They provide a Unilevel Compensation Plan, which is paying you up to 20% of your partner‘s Plants within your first seven levels.


Talent applicants must use another talent’s referral link to sign up. Talent applicants must pass the screening process, create a Toptal profile, become active in the Toptal network, and complete a successful trial for any engagement.

Atmos Financial

Both referrer and referral can get $25 when referral registers.


Our members haven't found much information on Bothered Otters's current referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Bothered Otters offers for other members' benefit.