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Buzz Break

Get 100 points once you sign up and refer others to receive 2700. Get friends to sign up using your promo code and receive extra points.


You make $20 when 2 people sign up with your referral link. Pays out to PayPal in 24 hours.


Tips of making money 1. You can get a 15% daily commission on the following day from total of your invited friend's daily income of both reading and sharing coins. 2. To invite your family, close friends, classmates, or colleagues, that is easier to approach. 3. To share the invitation link to 3 and above groups of WhatsApp, Facebook, or LINE, that could reach 200% more successfully. 4. To show your Cash Out slip for invitation that is a good way. 5. No limitation of invitation, invite more earn more.


Download the app in your application store and redeem the invitation code to win 50 SS (which you can redeem for rewards) + 3 Fast Pass together!


Earn 500 stepcoins for using required referral code to sign up.


For each friend who signs up with your referral, you will earn 100 bonus points! You can refer a maximum of 20 friends.


You can spread the word about BeMyEye with your friends, by inviting them to join the app. You'll be compensated with a €1 bonus.


1) Refer a new host -- Send your referral link to a friend, and make sure they use it to create their listing. 2) Follow their progress -- You can track when they create their listing, host their first stay, and more. 3) Get paid -- Earn your cash reward 2-3 weeks after your friend’s first guest checks out. ** You can still use a referral code even if you are already signed up and hosting on Airbnb, as long as you haven't used a referral code for hosting thus far.


Research has shown that working out with friends can make you more active. Refer your friends, and for each friend who signs up, you’ll both earn bonus points! Evidation will automatically credit you and your friend with 100 points once a new friend creates an account using your referral code and connects an app or completes an offer on Evidation. You can earn friend referral bonus points for up to 20 of the friends you refer. After you have referred 20 friends who activate their account, you will no longer earn bonus points for referrals.


Paceline rewards you (the referrer) with a $10 Amazon Gift Card and give the person you referred (the referee) $5 if both of the following conditions are met: - You already signed up for a Paceline account and linked a card to it. - Your referral signs up for a Paceline account using your referral code and redeems their first reward. Everyone is eligible, even if you’ve received a referral reward before. Refer 1 friend, get $10. Refer 50, get $500.